Helping the Citizens of Jackson County
Control the Pet Population

Euthanasia is the leading cause of companion animal death in the United States. in Gulfport alone, an estimated 9,000 animals are Euthanized each year. More than 73 THOUSAND are euthanized each year in the State of Mississippi.
Nationwide, four to six million cats and dogs are Euthanized yearly. The two largest causes of Euthanasia are the most fixable; overpopulation and lost pets with no identification. 
You can prevent euthanasia by having your pets spayed or neutered. Fewer litters mean fewer animals competing for homes and emptier shelters.Spaying and neutering are common procedures that most pets will recover from fully in just 7-10 days. You can schedule surgery from at the local humane society or with your veterinarian and rest easy knowing that you have prevented generations of unwanted animals and have added an average 2-3 years to your pets life! 

Making sure your pet is well taken care of is another way to prevent euthanasia by preventing disease and loss. Annual trips to your vet's office and updated shots are vital. Keeping identification and rabies tags on your pet at all times and getting pets microchipped further ensures their safety. 
There are many ways to stop the euthanasia of adoptable animals in this country, and the most important begins with you, the pet owner!!!  
Please remember to spay or neuter, vaccinate and microchip!

If you are a resident of Jackson County, MS information on how to request for services, contact us here.  

If you are a resident of Harrison County, MS please contact the 
Humane Society of South Mississippi directly. 
Memphis, Tenn incinerator broke, 
so animals being thrown 
out with the trash 7/28/2011
Humane Society of South Ms.
Adopts out record amount of animals in 24 hour period
EUTHANASIA is not just Black & White.....
           We need to do something..........
  Maybe seeing it in COLOR .....
                  might make a difference........