Spay and Neuter
​Helping the Citizens of Jackson County Control the Pet Population
Finally: as of February 8, 2012 cats will be fixed 
weekly in JACKSON COUNTY. below is some of them fixed by BAYVIEW PET MEDICAL & DENTAL!
As of July 25th, 2012 we now have The Pet Connection 
also doing reduced fees under my program. yahoo!
See below 4 
Animals done in Jackson County
Donna McMahan
my helper that u see in most photos, so we can show off cats fixed. 34 in February & March done in Jackson County Lisa Strong 
not pictured also helping 
             Thank You!!
More animals fixed in Harrison County during April
15 Animals fixed July 5th
2 white kittens trapped & fixed- adopted
The Duggan's of Gautier had 3 mini- dachunds fixed on 7/29
Last 3 animals for July
   The Daughdrills          &            The Hinkels of Gautier
had their babies fixed 8/2 by Pass Road Vet Dr. Spears
who has been helping my program since I started. 
All dogs at this time still fixed in Harrison County.
 TWO other dogs fixed in April, no pics available
7 dogs & 1 cat done.
The Barnes Family of Moss PT had 2 dogs & 1 cat fixed Pass Road Veterinary Hospital (Dr. Spears)
        Geri Warden had another 3 
     rescues fixed under JCSPAN

3 TNR 's caught at Jerry Lee's
TNR from Gautier
"Precious Novak " of OS 
  Louivere                        YAMIL                                  Winters
            Family's cats fixed  10/3/2013Pet Connection
3 TNR's Gulf Hills 
Estates 10/5/14
Pet Connection
 3 Walmart Cats fixed 10/5 12
Pet Connection Left Anita Wright 
with Walmart Cats
 Waltman's "REX" got 
Neutered 10/5
left side
HSSM's "SPRING HEAT" Event April 2013 we took 2 batches of female cats!!
Funding help from The Strongs of Ocean Springs to give them all the extras offered!!!
                               plus several done at The Pet Connection also
Below cats from December 2013
DOGS done between 10/15/12 and 11/19/12 at Dr. Spears 
with grant over 90 total thank you Dr. Spears & staff
Six cats from Dollar Store, Feral Hot Spot fixed 8/22/14