Helping the Citizens of Jackson County
Control the Pet Population  

Thank You so much for the grant help (MBAH)  that assisted me in taking care of my puppy. The donation you made means alot to us.  Lily & Kasey Shawgo- Gautier
There arn't enough words to say "Thank You" for the services you have provided to my family. We have been "Blessed". I pray that this service will be shared by others who may be in need of help. I and Marley are rewarding you with sincere admiration & gratitude to ALL of you. 
                Marley & the Walters Family- Gautier
Just a note of appreciation for your help with getting our cat fixed. We are  a happy family. 
          "Stuie" & The    Thompson  Family- Gautier
 Thank you Helene & your spay & neuter program .  Rocket, Princess  & Pepper  are happy as a lark and you made it possible. 
 The Warner Family- Ocean Springs
Dear MBAH & PPSPAN, I would like to take a moment to thank you for making it possible for me to have my three dogs spay & neutered under Jackson County Spay & Neuter Program.  With your grant  & Ms. Hicks assistance, my "KIDS" will be care free for many years to come!!!!  Thanks Debra Seelig- Pascagoula
         also Charlie Blonde, Raulow & Missy 
Thank you so much. I am disabled and not financially able to fix my sweet cat. Ms. Hicks was a sweetheart to pick up "Chaz" and deliver him back to me.  He also has his rabies shot and wormed.  Rose Ezell- Moss Point
Thank you so much for fixing "Honey"  the Golden Retreiver to where we have no more pups to find homes for . We get to attached to the pups and hard to find homes for them. I am thankful for this program and all you do to help make it more affordable. God Bless- Debra Stewart- Gautier
Please except my sincere thanks and gratitude for the program that allows my cats to be spayed at a reduced rate. I am disabled and would not be able to have this done with out this wonderful program. Thanks again - 
           Jerri Gennaro-   Moss Point
Thank you for the Grant help that was given to Pink Pawz Spay & Neuter!  Because of the Ms. Board of Animal Health a portion of  Neutering was paid by them. I had my two American Pit Bull Terriers ( Grim & Blu ) fixed when I didn't have the funds.                                     Thanks  Christian Jordan- Gautier
 Brittany & Cindy Hicks got their  Rabies Shots updated  with  MBAH grant help. Thank You
      (Sadley Cindy died 3/24/11)      
                                      Helene Hicks- PPSPAN 
          OZZY & Phycho fixed later for 
      "4 Grim & Blu Pit Bull Rescue "
              under Christian Jordan
Angel, Trina & Shadow are owned by
             Dee HollomanMoss Point 
and were fixed with help of MBAH grant.
   The Animals you see above were       fixed in portion with a grant from the    Mississippi Board of Animal Health
            Total of 20 with their help.
Some of the Animals helped in part by a Grant from "BUILD-A-BEAR Foundation" Thank You! 
Thank You Ms. Helene & Build-A-Bear! My kitty cats are doing wonderful! I could have never gotten this done without your help!
I met Helene at the Mullet Festival in Gautier. I knew my kittens needed to be "fixed" but being on such a tight budget. I couldn't find the extra money. She helped to make it possible to get them done. She was very helpful and caring! Now they are doing wonderful and won't be having any more babies that I can't take care of. Once again, thank you for helping me and for all that you do to help others!!!! Sincerely, Victoria Stokely- Gautier 
I would like to thank Ms. Hicks at Pink Pawz Spay and Neuter for taking excellent care of our two family members, Bolo and Bella, by providing affordable veterinary services. Not only have you provided a much needed service to Jackson County but you also go above and beyond to help all animals in our community in any way necessary.  

I would also like to offer my appreciation for your help in matching us with our newest family member Titan.  
Chrissy Rauls- Ocean Springs

Bingo , Angel & Mama got their Rabies Updates & check up's part of the rescue & foster dogs  under 
Charlotte Crane -Ocean Springs
Thank You so much Pink Pawz & Build-a-Bear for providing "Leonitas" with heart worm testing and updates on all his shots and Neutering. I have no worrys for a year after his visit to the vets and everything provided with your help. God Bless You
lois Grey of Pascagoula  
Left- The Bennett's of Gautier had 6 females spayed under Walmart Grant's .

Right This Chuhuhula female rescued was fixed under Build-a-Bear and placed in a loving foster home
Ms. Helene, Thank You so much or helping us with Sammie. Your help was appreciated. Misty & Jimmy- Gautier
Thanks for all you do for the Animals. Please feel free to call. Have lots of things I can share from my hands on experience in animal welfare. Jan Danos-Van Cleave
Helene, Thanks so much for Everything!.
There was no way I could have afforded to have 7 animals "Fixed". Prayer does not work! I wish you the best & will continue to promote your cause!! Sincerely 
Nancy Fagan- Gautier & Mogli, Simba, Lolo, Dottie, Tiki, Oliver and Rupert !!
Good Job! Thank you so much for spaying my 2 cats. GREAT Program.
     Renate Smith-               Moss Point
Ms. Hicks helped me to catch my cat & kittens & have them spay & neutered. We are on fixed income & could not afford the high cost of fixing 5 cats at a vet , but could afford PP Spay & Neuter costs. Now I won't become the "Crazy" Cat Lady. 
                                     Patricia Kersteter- Gautier
passed 8/13
Ms. Hicks is a really caring person who came to my house & trapped the cats for me. I am a Senior Citizen ,handicapped & can no longer drive. This was perfect for me. Since this is not offered anywhere else on the coast. I got my cats back safe & sound. 
                      Helen Coghlan- Ocean Springs
Trailblazer Award 9/26/2011
Feral Cat Day Coast to Coast 
I would like to thank Alley Cat Allies and JC Spay & Neuter for taking my cat and fixin' him. Mrs. Hicks was very wonderful in taking care of "Oreo". She explained everything, all the procedures and was very patient. My family thanks you. 

                             Sincerely Charlotte Warlick- Gautier 
3 Gautier PD Cats 2 males, 1 female fixed 9/26/2012
Thank you so much for your grant help to fix our 3 cats at the Gautier Police Dept.
We really appreciate you & PP Span
Officer Diane Schmidt
Gautier Police Depart
Diane (Left)
This is to thank the alley Cat Allies for the award that made it possible to have the 3 cats at Gautier Police Department spay & neutered. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
           Becky Thibodeau
Miss Killy- right back home in their yard after being spayed.  .
  The Brosky's
Thank you so much for the care you gave
to my two rescues, when we had them fixed. and special thanks to Helene and her excellant help. The Brosky's - Van Cleave
Thank You to Alley Cat Allies. I really appreciate helping to get my cat "Callie" spayed. Also Helene from Jackson County Spay & Neuter.
Jennifer Pryde- Biloxi.
Thank You to Alley Cat Allies for Neutering my cat "WALLEY"and  PINK PAWZ Spay & Neuter Program. 
                         Andrea Ariss- Gautier
      Thank You Alley Cat Allies for the    "TRAILBLAZER AWARD" The animals above are all rescues and are now spay or neutered with your help. Also to the Humane Society of South Ms. for their help in fixing these animals. 9/26/2011  
   Sincerely,     Helene Hicks (JC SPAN)
Mississippi Board of Animal Health
Thank You MBAH and Pink Pawz Spay & Neuter for fixing "TOOTLES" my female dog. This is a great program. 
   Thanks again, 
                        Mary Ellison - Gautier
2/23/12- I would like to thank Helene Hicks  & her Spay & Neuter Program for the services that was provided to my family at a reduced affordable rate. We had our 3 cats spayed and they are doing great! 
 Helen Sellers-VanCleave
To MBAH & PPSPAN, I just want to take a few minutes to say "Thank You" so much for helping me to take care of my cat. She's not just a stray cat to me, she is almost like my child. I have never had a cat before, but am so happy to have her. She meets me at the door when I come home at night...never had a cat love me like she does, or a dog! Very definitely, she has left her Paw Prints on my heart. So again I say Thank You for helping to take care of this issue. 2/12
    Carolyn Mawhee- Van Cleave
I was looking for a bobtail cat because of the research I had found concerning their personality. They are known for being smart, personable, "dog-like", and highly trainable. I wanted a cat I could train to go on walks with me and ultimately become an emotional therapy animal. When I saw that Navy loved to be affectionate, I believed he could be the cat for me. I have realized I set my expectations & hopes far too low. He is the most loving, affectionate, intelligent cat I have known, and I instantly bonded with him. It took him no time at all to learn to come when I call, and he is learning how to use the human toilet instead of the litter box. He loves attention, & hasn't met a human he isn't comfortable with. He is a wonderful cat.Thank you very much Ms.Hicks!    5/01/12    
                                 Owen Seaborn- Fairhope, Al

Huge Thanks for "RIZZO" the female lab from 10/24
The Wilkes Family- Pascagoula
Thank you again for doin' what U do & helping us out with "Chance" today. He is doing so good getting spoiled like Crazy. 
                      Heather Treece- Moss Point 10/18
Thank You again so very much for your help getting "Rebel & Bella" spayed. I wish there were more people in this world who cared about animals as much as you do. I love my animals as well as others & fromthe bottom of my heart I say thank you. My husband & I appreciate you and we are glad we have volunteers like you. 
         LaDonna Cox, Rebel & Bella tooo!! 
                                              Pascagoula 10/24
I am Minnoux, A beautiful sweet stray at the tender age of approx. 4 yrs. I have had at least 4 litters! Most of left wild and stray. Thanks to my "Mama Ada" and Ms. Helene's program I will not have to suffer the draining affects of long pregnancies, suckling up to 6 kittens for weeks. I can just be a beautiful happy me! If you can help in anyway to keep this program going, 
         I thank you.    Ada Daboval  Ocean Springs 5/25/13
Heard that is was absolutely crazy as in lots of people made it out to the Rabies clinic! You are awesome Helene as keeping pets safe and healthy that otherwise some families would not be able to afford other than the basic! Love you and relieved to know Honey, Abby and Rowdy are all chipped and will be registered so if they were get lost we will have more comfort of them being found! Tami Palmer, AK. 7/13/13
I am enclosing a special gift 
I am a big believer in spay & neuter. Use this $1000.00 for your vouchers or other needs. 
AMW of Ocean Springs 7/13
Thanks so much for all the work you & your
of Volunteers do for the "Pets of Jackson County" !! The Butler Family- Diamondhead
$200.00 Donation 7/5/13
Much thanks from the City of Gautier Firefighters to Helene and Pink Pawz Spay and Neuter for their generous lunch donation to each of our three shifts!
 For several years now Helene and JCSN has generously treated us to lunch at New York pizza in the mall. We firefighters appreciate your support and what you do for our community!  8/26/13
    Thanks again, Russ Young GFD

I really do appreciate you doing this for me. I have been trying to get my dog fixed for such a long time :) I am so happy that you have created such a wonderful organization for us Jackson County Residents! :) You have no idea how much this means to me. Magen Bosarge 8/27/13
Hi Helene,I saw you on TV the other night and wanted to tell you how nice it was you got microchip scanners donated to all the animal control in out cities. I lost my dog once and she has a chip and it got her home quickly. I wanted you to know as a public person I appreciate it. Thanks 
 Reba Branch- Ocean Springs 9/8/14
We are so grateful to Helene Hicks & Pink Pawz Spay & Neuter for arranging to have our four little feral cats taken care of. They look like they were treated beautifully and hope that now they will stay with us!! Thank You so much, Helene, JCSPAN & Pet Connection for helping us with our kittens.
          Sincerely Emily Smith- Pascagoula 9/13/15
You are truly amazing! I brought "Kaden" (my dog) back to the vet Tuesday to get his stitches removed. He did wonderful. I would love to thank you again!
Magan Bosarge 9/26/13

Just wanted to thank you again for your help with Rebel. He started eating on his own this morning and playing with his toys. He looking great. Also the Pet Connection in Ocean Springs are wonderful they are the ones who worked with us to do the Home Provo Treatment because we could not afford to hospitalize Rebel. Also want to give a shout out to the Veterinarian Emergency Hospital in Woolmarket who waived their office fee one night and then waived their office and examination fee the day after. My husband and I love ya all for helping save our baby. Thank you all.
                                                          Penny Helle- Gautier 10/5/13
II'm from Gautier & got my dog spayed, microchip, & pain meds for around 17$ recently. They never asked where I was from. Good luck & thank you JC spay neuter for all of your efforts to help these families/animals! 
II appreciate everything you do! Without a program like yours, there would be a lot of pets without a voice! KUDOS TO YOU!
       ROSE HARRIS MILLER 10/12/13
You are an angel on earth sent by God to help all these animals. You do a fantastic job! You don't owe anyone an explanation girl. I will be sending a donation asap! 
    La Ree Brown McKinnon 10/13/13
THANKS and I live in PA I am GREATFUL for you and your TEAM!!!!     Christine Bond Clymire 10/13/13
Here is kitty boo the one on the left blk/wh our friends at Pet Connection did a wonderful job. She is healing good and playing with her two kittens whom will be spayed in about 1 month. The big cat beside her in the swing is what's left of her first litter I call him boy cat. again thank you so much for the grant to do this with...oh yes my niece works at the grant dept. in Pascagoula she wanted me to tell you hello. Shiela Workman 11/1/13
Thank you for your awesome help for Benny!! 
                            Jennifer Harris Curtis 11/13
Just got this email, Lady from Lucedale whose cats we did.Hey Helene this is Sonya I have the picture of the two girls in attachment.. The two girls are doing well and healed up good. I still go to the house daily to feed/water them. They act more tame now than feral, they let me put a collar on them. I want to thank you for taking care of my feral girls. The spay surgery sites have healed really good on both. That's very good doctors you have at your vet clinic. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for everything. We thoroughly enjoyed spending our day with you as well. We are in love with your kitty sanctuary. Your place is beautiful. You are beautiful :) you have our vote for best cat rescuer and kitty hero!! My little boy's bragged about you and your "kitty heaven" as he calls it to everyone in our family and at church. Hoping to call you soon and get my phone back. I filed a report but they don't care about lost items. I just started working so I can just get another one. Anyway here's the pictures of the girls that got spayed from pink paws :)
1st pic they were in their kitty house, 2nd pic I caught one sleeping on the back porch, which is a miracle because they're feral I can't believe it.
Love to you, 4/16

This is the Cat help from Washington State who sent the Lucedale lady to my program, I updated her to let her know we helped. Her response.
Hi Helene,
Thank you SO very much for your email updating me on this case! I have to say, I get emails all the time from people not in our area looking for help caring for ferals, and all I am able to do from here is point them towards in the direction of a closer organization. I never do know if I've pointed them in the right direction or if those organizations are able to assist. So, it's just great to know that this woman and these cats were able to benefit from our two organizations connecting. Thank you again for reaching out to her and for sharing this great success story with me! I can't tell you how big my smile is right now knowing that you were able to provide them with these invaluable services!
Take care and keep up the great work!
Emily Scofield
Clinic Manager
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project 4/16
Sun Herald comment from 
Alasandra Ruth Alawine 
I am glad they changed their name, so many people thought that it was a County program funded by our taxes and it's not. Although in past years the County used it as an excuse not to do their own program. Hopefully that will change as the spay and neuter "need" is greater than one person can take care of on their own. Thanks Helene Hicks for doing a great job trying to reduce the pet over population in Jackson County. 8/24/16
Article written for our group-Hi, I would love to see an article written to recognize the Pink Pawz Spay and Neuter organization of Jackson County. Helene Hicks and her volunteers have put their blood, sweat and tears into this project for many years to help bring to light the necessity to neuter and spay dogs and cats to
eliminate the ongoing pain and suffering of so many animals, dumped by owners, who get animals, and then decide later they do not want them for any number of reasons, including the cat or dog has kittens or pups and dump them on the side of the road to be run over by cars, eaten by any number of animals that prey on anything that is smaller than them. I have seen times that huge birds will pick up a cat or dog and fly off with it because it is wondering around starving because they are unwanted. Helene's organization helps stop this abuse by lowering the population of stray animals buy catch and release of the ones out there, so that they do not continue to populate the areas that they are in. She has spent many man hours collecting animals from people who cannot afford to have their animals neutered or spayed because of lack of money, transportation or their just not seeing the problem caused by not fixing their animals down the road. I feel that it is everyone's responsibility to care, protect and help slow the poppulation of animals and the answer is not killing them because there are too many. The answer is to neuter or spay their pets or unwanted populations to avoid further abuse of the animal by it being abandoned and then having the chance of it having kittens or being the cause of more kittens, because someone didn't have the forethought to take care of the animal in the first place,when the animal was young, or the animal is put in a position at some time in their life, to have babies if an opportunity arises out of neglect or just stupidity on the part of the owner. Will you please help get the word out that people have the opportunity to do the right thing, for the health and safety of their animals, to have them neutered or spayed or take in an unwanted animal that so desperately could use a loving forever home. There are many available who would love to have someone to love. I have had the opportunity to utilize her services on numerous occasions because I too am a cat lover and have 13 of my own who are all spayed and saved from different places and from her wonderful no kill shelter. They need volunteers and also financial help maintaining this awesome resource that we need desperately. God Bless Helene for all her hard work and love of people and animals alike.
Thank you for your time, Lynn T. 8/23/2016